Design engineer for cooling system on vehicle


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Schaeffler is a dynamic global technology company and its success has been a result of its entrepreneurial spirit and long history of private ownership. As a partner to all of the major automobile manufacturers, as well as key players in the aerospace and industrial sectors, we offer you many development opportunities.  


Your Key Responsibilities


・ デザインエンジニア として、車載冷却システム (主に水流制御バルブ等)  の量産開発業務においてCAD(Creo)を用いたモデリング及び設計をサポート、リードする
・ 主にパートナー・サプライヤーとの技術面でのインターフェースとして機能し、ドイツ本社R&D部門と密に連携し、量産開発上の各種問題を解決する
・ 車載冷却システム製品の顧客へのプロモーションのサポート
・ 顧客、パートナー、サプライヤーとの技術会議 (必要に応じ、客先、ドイツ本社に出張)
・ 日本の研究機関,パートナー、サプライヤーと連携したR&D業務の推進
・ 技術/市場ベンチマークレポート、ドイツ本社R&D部門への報告書類の作成


・ As a Design Engineer, supports and leads 3D modeling and 2D drawing on the mass production development work of automotive cooling system products (mainly coolant flow control valve etc.) by CAD (Creo)
・ Mainly functions as a technical interface with partners and suppliers, he/she works closely with the R&D division at the German headquarters to support/solve various activities in mass production development.
・ Gives support for promotion of automotive cooling system products to customers.
・ Supports technical meetings with customers, partners, and suppliers (may require business trips to customer site or the German headquarters as necessary).
・ Promotes and supports of R&D activities in collaboration with Japanese research institutes, partners, and suppliers.
・ Writing technology / market benchmark report and reporting to the R&D department at the German headquarters."



Your Qualifications


  冷却システム製品のCAD (Creo)を用いた3Dモデリング、2D図面、開発業務経験者(5年以上)


以下の冷却システム製品の開発、設計・試験の経験者(7年以上)  - (複数あれば尚良い)
  1) 水流制御バルブの製品開発経験者
  2) 樹脂材料を用いた設計・試験の経験者
  3) ゴムシールや冷却水封止に関与する設計・試験の経験者
  4) 3Dモデルを用いた構造解析、流体解析、振動解析等の経験者
  5) モーターや歯車の設計経験者
  6) ECU との通信プロトコルSENT, LINに知見のある方

  1) 海外部門のカウンターパートに対して影響力を持てるだけの(自己)表現力がある方
  1) コミュニケーション能力が高く、チームプレーで課題解決を進められる方
  2) 高い目標に向かって粘り強く努力でき、困難な課題へ意欲的に取り組める機動力のある方



英語(上級レベル TOEIC 600レベルが目安、面接でレベル確認実施)



Requirements (Must to have)            
・ Graduated from an engineering or science university (or has equivalent or higher experience),
has practical experience in 3D modeling, 2D drawing for cooling system products by CAD (Creo) (5 years or more) 
・ Has motivation and responsible for product development
・ Has a strong interest in automotive technologies
・ Is highly motivated to learn by themselves in the language and technical fields
・ Has a strong interest in English and aspirations"

Requirements (Better to have)            
・ Has experience in the automotive industry, with experiences in application development for JOEM, and has experience in the development, design and testing of the following automotive cooling systems products (7 years or more)  - (better if he/she has multiple of those experiences)
1) Practical experience in developing coolant flow control valve
2) Practical experience in testing and design of plastic material
3) Practical experience in developing related to rubber seal design
4) Practical experience in calculation of FEM, CFD, and vibration etc.
5) Practical experience in design of motor and gears
6) Practical knowledge in communication protocol SENT, LIN

・ Business English skills
1) Has good assertive self-expression and communication skill to give a positive influence on the counterparts in the overseas division

・ Communication and interpersonal relationship skills
1) Has high communication skills and can proceed with problem solving by team play
2) Has the agility to work persistently toward challenging goals and enthusiastically tackle on difficult tasks

Language level            
Japanese:  native level
English:  advanced level  (TOEIC around 600, level will be confirmed during the interview)




Exciting assignments and outstanding development opportunities await you because we impact the future with innovation. We look forward to your application.


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Your contact 

Schaeffler Japan Co., Ltd.  

Yasuko Kawahara  



Schaeffler is an equal employment opportunity / affirmative action employer. All qualified candidates will receive equal employment opportunities and consideration for employment without regard to unlawful consideration of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, or any other status protected by applicable law. 


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Job Type: Engineer 
Job Family: Research & Development 
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Schedule: Full-Time 

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